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Pump House Point

This ride is a great easy introduction to Mountain Biking as it travels around the edge of Lake St Clair and as a result is nice and flat.  The first couple of K’s are on the bitumen before we branch off onto the gravel access road to the 1940’s building of Pump House Point.  At various stages along the way we are close enough to the lake to get a great view north to the surrounding peaks including the distinctive Mt Ida, the extensive Mt Olympus and, in the background, Mt Rufus.  We can dismount from the bikes to walk out to the end of the Pump House pier and view what was once built to supply an emergency source of water to the Derwent River in times of severe drought

Ride distance 10K return  rated green (easy)

Rufus Canal Rd ride/Lake Dixon walk

This ride requires a short shuttle in the  bus to the start of the Rufus Canal Rd.  This ride travels along the access road to both the start of one of the walking tracks up Mt Rufus, and to the historic Rufus Canal.  This facility was built to divert water from the flanks of Mt Rufus, that would normally end up in the Franklin River, into tributaries of Lake King William.  This then made the water available for Hydro power generation.  The ride travels through magnificent alpine eucalypt forest, interspersed with open sections of button grass plains where the views to the surrounding peaks are spectacular.  After 6K of slightly undulating terrain we reach the end of the trail where we can leave the bikes and head off on a short walk to Lake Dixon, one of the headwater lakes of the famous Franklin River.  Here we will sit by the lake and enjoy a packed lunch, learning about the history of the region from Aboriginal times through to the present. We then return to the bikes and enjoy  the gravity assisted return to the main rd.  If time permits we can travel a short distance along the bitumen before heading along the Mt King William rd.  From here we get more unique vies of this range, named after one of the last surviving  Aboriginal leaders from the area.


15k return rated green (easy/moderate) 3k return for walk.


12k return rated Blue (moderate/hard)   1.5 k return walk/scramble

This is a ride for the experienced rider or at least participants confident in not only their fitness but bike handling skills.

Mt King William 1 and enjoy a packed lunch on the Summit.  Once back at the bikes  we  retrace our steps back down the trail, this time with the aid of gravity.  Riders will require both skill and a degree of caution to descend these sections without incident, however, the rewards are an exciting descent where all the benefits of a quality mountain bike will be realised.After a short shuttle in the Bus we travel a couple of K’s along the flat section of the Mt King William rd before branching off onto the access road for the fire observation tower on the summit.  The trail winds its way steadily upwards  though some great alpine eucalypt forest with the odd button grass clearing to allow views of the objective.  Initially covering a few rocky sections the gradient steepens prior to the second boom gate and there are 2 short sections where most riders will dismount to overcome the rocky steps here.  Once through these sections the trail is again quite rideable for those will strong legs and sound fitness.  Soon the trail levels out again as we pass through an elevated button grass plain and the first of the rewards are realised with extensive views of the surrounding peaks along with Lake King William itself.  After a kilometre or so of easier going the gradient again steepens with a couple of walking sections encountered before the trail finishes and the walking track begins.  From here we have the option to leave the bikes and make our way to the summit o fMt King William 1 Fire Trail/ Summit walk.

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Lake St Clair Tourist Park offers a range of economical accommodation styles for the avid hiker.

Camp Sites

Hikers have been visiting this scenic area in the heart of the heritage listed Tasmanian Wilderness area for decades, enjoying the day walks near the lake or the famed Overland Track. If you’re already carrying your own tent and sleeping gear, why not make a memorable camp nestled in the trees within short walking distance to the water’s edge. It is the ideal location for both campers and bushwalkers or for schools, clubs and family bookings. There are powered and unpowered sites for tents, caravans and small motorhomes.

Drumlin Bunkhouse

Our Bunkhouse provides basic sleeping accommodation in keeping with the style of the rustic timber huts of the Overland track, enjoyed mostly by backpackers and hikers whose modest accommodation requirements can be met with a simple bed and heated shelter.



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